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What we do?


Store Stats

Monitor the app ecosystem and your competitors. Check hourly or daily top charts as well as ranking history, search keywords and featured placements for millions of apps.

Store Intelligence

Completely transparent app store. Incomparable insight and the most accurate numbers of app sales and revenue performance. Available for millions of apps, 1000+ of companies, 50+ countries and 30+ categories.

Usage Intelligence

A revolutionary understanding of mobile app usage. Deep insights into an app's users, engagement, reach and retention. Follow daily, weekly and monthly updates on the apps you care about, broken down by app, device and country.

Audience Intelligence

Great user experience results to better user engagement. Estimates on user demographics, cross-app adoption, and users' opinions of app quality. Get app-level data for thousands of apps to understand everything from user gender and age to income and education level.

Advertising Analytics

Unified dashboard for all your mobile advertising and monetization data. No more manual aggregation ever! Get your ad spend, revenue, CPI, eCPM, and fill rates from multiple ad platforms automatically in one single dashboard.

App Analytics

Monitor the usage metrics that matter most for your app business. Track the health of your user base by adding app usage metrics to your App Analytics dashboard. Instantly surface insights such as whether version updates impact your average session duration, or how active users correlate with revenue.

About Us

APPXEM is an one-stop solution for all sorts of Store Statistics, Usage Analytics, Realtime Reporting, User Engagements and App analytics services. We offers end-to-end solutions focusing in Business Intelligence, Advertising, Mobile and Web Marketing, advertisement and engagement. We help people grow their amazing app businesses through user experience as per their interest and requirements.

We do the ground work, so that you get better threshold. We provide analytics services and market intelligence so that advertisers as well publishers can focus on making numbers, not reports.

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Our premium market data products make advanced market analysis easy. And our white papers provide unique insights to help entrepreneurs nail their product and marketing strategy.



We are already a global business with teams spanning 7 countries and many cultures. Our engineers and data scientists are solving the industry's toughest "big data" challenges.



We help developers and publishers monetize their apps by delivering a whole new experience to the users, that blends seamlessly with the app. By encouraging users to discover products that complement the app and user context, we drive high engagement for users and value for developers and publishers.

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